Chatteris Working Men’s Club … put simply CWMC

Chatteris Working men’s Club reopens on Friday, August 07 at 2:00pm

Our Doors Re-Open this Friday, August 07 for Members Only

Opening Hours

Until Further Notice

Friday, August 07,
2:00pm – 11:00pm

Saturday, August 08,
11:00am – 12:00pm

Sunday, August 09,
11.30am – 8:00pm
(dependent on attendance)

From Tuesday, August 18,
7:00pm – 11:00pm

We are pleased to say we are ready to welcome you back this Friday, August 07. Over the last few months we have considered how to do this safely regarding the regulations we are advised to adhere to.

Strictly Members Only

Please be aware a member of the committee or staff will be ensuring government guidelines are adhered to, if broken you will be asked to leave the club.

The Rules

Membership card must be presented at every visit

Membership card must be presented at every visit. If you haven’t been given a new one yet the old membership card will have your number. This is to help us to to track and trace a lot quicker.

Children must be seated

Children must remain with their parents and seated at the table at all times.

Face coverings advised

Face coverings are advised to be worn whilst moving around the club, once seated they can be removed. This has been decided as there are areas we cannot adhere to government guidelines social distancing ie corridors, Toilets, etc.

No standing at the bar

No standing at the bar other than to order and pay for your drink. Social distancing table service will be implemented at all times until the government relaxes the ruling .

Food available in Member’s Lounge

Food will be served in the Member’s Lounge where social distancing will be adhered to.

Table Sharing Restrictions Apply

Sharing a table can only be with members of your own household or bubble otherwise please adhere to 1 metre distancing.

Your table will be sanitised once you have left the club and finished with it.

Use sanitiser on entering the building

Sanitisers have been installed around the building. When entering and when going to the toilet or to the smoking shelter please ensure you wash your hands and/or use the sanitisers.

Additional Notes

To those of you that have constantly not been happy about our decisions, thank you for your support. You have not made it any easier for us. Please remember we are all volunteers and as far as I’m aware the first committee that has had to deal with a worldwide pandemic, president and steward leaving on the same day and not being able to hold an AGM to get a full committee. We are only working on half the required amount, some have left for various reasons but mainly it is the lack of support we are getting from a minority and the constant criticism. As you aware we are in need of committee. If you think you can do better please join us but be aware there is a huge commitment of your spare time – fortnightly meeting regular rota duties and being part of a team that is trying their best to keep the club running. I personally would like to thank those past and present committees that have done this thankless task

The present committee are trying to ensure the club has a future, is viable and safe.

Susan Unwin
Club President


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Recent Updates & Additions

Update June 05, 2020:
The rescheduled Annual General Meeting 2020 (AGM) will now be postponed until further notice.