Chatteris Working Men’s Club … put simply CWMC

We may be closed now but, be assured our doors will reopen as soon as government guidelines allow … the safety of our members is our first priority.

Your Committee

Dear Members, from Saturday, March 21, 2020 Chatteris Working Men’s Club will be closed until further notice following government guidelines. 

Update June 29, 2020:

The committee have made a decision to consider opening in August, once shielding people are free to go out.

They have arrived at this decision for various reasons. The Club cannot meet some of the government guidelines … some staff and committee are shielding and unavailable until August. Under the present situation it is not viable or workable, there would be no entertainment and no game machines … neither are allowed at present.

We are however preparing the club for opening with screening , floor markings, furniture moving, sanitiser stations, hygiene rota, risk assessment, etc.

As we do not have a full committee due to not being able to have an Annual General Meeting (AGM), policing some the guidelines is a huge issue, Ie smoking room, entrance, one way system. A lot of work with few people whilst we would like to open it is not doable under the present circumstances and we feel would cost the club more than we are losing already.

We would be interested in any members views on how they think we could overcome some of these hurdles but, please ensure you have read the guidance from government before commenting and remember we are a club and not a pub and our members have rights. The Management Committee has a duty of care to both our staff and members … at this present time we cannot find a safe and viable way of doing this.

The Club is hoping to open in August, if it can address some of the concerns aforementioned. The Committee is proactively seeking advice and looking at how other establishments of a similar stature can do it, if they are opening.

Susan Unwin
Club President


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Update June 05, 2020:
The rescheduled Annual General Meeting 2020 (AGM) will now be postponed until further notice.