The Glorious One Eyed Cats live at Chatteris Working Men’s Club

The Glorious One Eyed Cats

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To say that the One Eyed Cats specialised in high-octane, seat of your pants, riding right on empty rock and roll would be an over-statement. Their ability to play as a band stops at absolutely nothing and the fact that they are possibly the most liveliest rhythm & blues outfit to come out of nowhere is certainly no real achievement. Catch them at CWMC on Friday, April 21 and you will experience a night you’ll only just live to regret. Blistering Rhythm & Blues. Surfing the crest of Blitzkreig shaking hands with Disney… The Glorious One Eyed Cats.

More info about The Glorious One Eyed Cats available on Facebook and their website.

Advance Tickets (ask at the bar)

Advance Members £4.00
Advance Guests £7.00

Pay on the Door

Members £7.00
Guests £10.00

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Members are expected to show their valid membership cards when buying tickets. Guests are welcome, must be accompanied by a member and pay the entry fee – includes £2 signing-in fee.

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